Aberdeen Acres Pet Care Center cruelty

A "WTF" moment: Letter of reference to "new" Aberdeen owners from convicted animal absuser!

The "new owners" of Aberdeen Acres, Melissa & Tom Stubblefield, posted this letter from convicted animal abuser Russ Ebersole on their website. In the letter, Ebersole wants you to join him in welcoming the new owners on board. Really? What more can I say about this other than to ask "Is this delusional prick serious????". The Stubblefield's maintain that Ebersole will have no part in the "new" Aberdeen Acres. If that is true, why would they have even considered posting this garbage from a convicted animal abuser on the website?

The letter was removed from the site after only a few days. Guess the Stubblefield's came to their senses and realized it probably wasn't a good idea to post it after all. Click the thumbnail to view the letter full size --->

Update! May 5, 2014 - New Owners Give Kennel Second Life

STEPHENSON, Va. - If cats have nine lives, the owners and employees of Aberdeen Acres Pet Resort and Spa hope their facility has two. Melissa and Tom Stubblefield are working to create a fresh start after the former owner, Russell Ebersole was convicted of animal cruelty charges last October. "When they ask if Mr. Ebersole works here still, I tell them no, he's no longer involved in Aberdeen," said manager Laura Brown, who’s been with the facility for four years. After boarding their own pets at Aberdeen Acres since 1996, the Stubblefields approached Ebersole and his fiancé about buying the business after Ebersole's sentencing. "[My husband and I] were looking for something to do for retirement, something a little bit slower pace than our current careers,” said Stubblefield. Despite new ownership, a dark cloud has hung over the business since Ebersole's conviction. Employees say they are usually at 75 percent capacity around the apple blossom festival. This year, they were at just 12 percent. "It’s officially our first day, and there are not that many dogs or cats here at Aberdeen. Business has been a little bit slow with all of the issues that Mr. Ebersole had," said Stubblefield. Because of his history with animal abuse, the new owners vow Ebersole will have no part in the future of Aberdeen Acres. "Mr. Ebersole is no longer involved in the business, except for what is necessary to transition to us," said Stubblefield. And as avid animal lovers themselves, the new owners want the public to know Aberdeen Acres is a safe place for all kinds of pets. "Dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, ferrets, I think we've had some snakes and iguanas," said Stubblefield. "I told a customer we would take an elephant, if we had the room for it," joked Brown. Aberdeen Acres Pet Resort and Spa is offering military and law enforcement discounts. Contact them at (540) 667-7809 or visit their website for more information.

*Note: Melissa & Tom Stubblefield are acquintances of Russell Ebersole. They were in attendance at his sentencing and defended the abusive and torturous "training" techniques he inflicted on animals. Melissa Stubblefield is quoted as follows: "Mr. Ebersole has never abused a dog, ever in his life," said Melissa Stubblefiled, a previous neighbor of Ebersole’s. When asked about her reaction to his sentencing, Stubblefield said she thought it was, “absolutely ridiculous. He does not deserve this. He has not abused dogs. He’s using standard training methods."

You can read her quote in this news article from Dec. 6, 2013: Virginia Man Sentenced to Four Counts of Animal Cruelty.

New! Dec 7, 2013 - "Animal abuser receives 2 years"

New! Dec 6, 2013 - "Virginia Man Sentenced to Four Counts of Animal Cruelty"

New! Dec 6, 2013 - "Kennel owner gets fine, jail time"

By Joe Beck

WINCHESTER -- Convicted animal abuser Russell Ebersole exited a Frederick County Circuit courtroom Friday afternoon on his way to beginning a two-year jail sentence imposed on him by Judge Clifford "L. "Clay" Athey.

Athey also ordered Ebersole, owner of Aberdeen Acres Pet Care Center in Stephenson to not possess or own any companion animals for the next six years under terms of the jail sentence and a subsequent period of four years of unsupervised probation. Athey also ordered Ebersole to pay a fine totaling $10,000, $2,500 for each of four counts of animal cruelty.

The sentence came at the end of a two-hour hearing that drew about 50 people to the courtroom and a cascade of emails, letters and at least one online petition from members of the public weighing in on the case in the weeks leading up to the hearing.

Ebersole's sentence threw a shadow over the future of the kennel. Under terms of the sentence, the kennel can remain open and Ebersole can work there after his release from jail. But he must refrain from any interaction with dogs and other pets that would constitute possession or ownership of them during the duration of the probation sentence.

Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Andrew Robbins said after the hearing the exact legal definition of possession or ownership may be less than clear-cut, but he believes it means that Ebersole cannot train companion animals at the kennel.

Robbins said after the hearing he also plans to explore options with the county government about possible regulatory actions against the kennel.

Ebersole, who has owned Aberdeen Acres since 1996, took to the witness stand and testified that he began training dogs at age 7 with his father and has remained in the same line of work for much of the time since then.

Ebersole, 53, and Robbins spent much of the hearing sparring over the meaning of several videos shown in Ebersole's defense. They also debated the nature of intelligence and emotions among dogs that suffer from abuse.

The videos depicted training techniques used by Ebersole, trainer Cesar Millan on his cable television series, and the Baltimore Police Department. Ebersole insisted the videos showed that his training is no harsher than those of Millan and the Baltimore police and maybe milder.

Ebersole insisted he never intentionally injured any dogs and none ever suffered permanent injuries under his training and care.

He also refused to give any ground when Robbins insisted that dogs can suffer ruinous psychological effects from repeated abuse.

"You will not concede that if you abuse a dog long enough, it will have psychological problems?" Robbins asked.

"No sir," Ebersole replied, adding that he was not a dog psychologist.

But Ebersole was more conciliatory in speaking to Athey moments before the judge announced the sentence.

"I would offer my contrition to anyone if any of their dogs have suffered injury," Ebersole said softly. "It's not what I set out to do."

Robbins called the sentence "fair" after the hearing.

"I think the judge gave it a lot of thought," Robbins said.

Robbins said he was also heartened by the heavy flow of electronic and paper mail sparked by the case and the strong courtroom turnout.

"This is something the community felt very, very strongly about," Robbins said. "We're glad we were able to do something about it."

Robbins added that he hoped citizens will show the same level of interest in other criminal cases pending in the courts.

- Contact staff writer Joe Beck at 540-465-5137 ext. 142, or jbeck@nvdaily.com / source

Russ Ebersole sentenced to prison for animal cruelty

Sign the petition - Max sentence for animal cruelty

New! "Winchester Kennel Owner Found Guilty of Animal Cruelty"

November 26, 2013

WINCHESTER, Va. - A Fredrick County Gen. District Court found a local dog trainer guilty of animal cruelty on Tuesday.

Russell Ebersole owns Aberdeen Acres Pet Care Center where the accused to say their dog Maddie was brutally treated.

They say Ebersole picked Maddie up by her leash, suspended her back legs and spun her in circles until she urinated, defeated and bled on the floor. The judge sentenced the defendant to 12 months in prison and a $2,500 fine. He also can not be in possession of any animals for two years.

Ebersole was investigated when a dog died a few hour later after being released from his pet care center.

Ebersole is currently awaiting trial for 11 counts of animal cruelty to be determined on December 6, 2013.
[ source ]

*Read articles here & here about how Ebersole abused clients pets*

*Sept 7, 2013 - Another Abuse Charge Likely Against Kennel Owner*

Max sentence for Russ Ebersole This is an information page about convicted animal abuser Russell Ebersole, owner of Aberdeen Acres Pet Care Center, aka Aberdeen Acres Kennel, located at 667 Walters Mill Lane in Stephenson, Virginia. Ebersole is also the owner of "SDAP - Service Dog Assistance Products", a company that claims to train service dogs to "assist children and adults with a wide range of disabilities".

On October 4th 2013 Frederick County Circuit Court Judge Clifford "Clay" Athey found Russell Ebersole guilty on four counts of animal cruelty.


*Note: On November 26th 2013 he was found guilty and convicted on a seperate charge of animal cruelty. See story in the links at the bottom of this page for details.

Below you will find information from a variety of media, government and legal websites and documents. Everything on this page is based on acts that were either recorded on video, dealt with in a US court, or resulted in a criminal conviction.

Pet owners have a right to this information so they can make an informed decision before unknowingly leaving their beloved pet in the hands of a convicted animal abuser. This "man", for lack of a better word, beat, kicked, choked, punched, threw and hung animals AT HIS PET CARE CENTER, often right in front of employees and pet owners. Allowing Russ Ebersole to continue running a pet care facility is as disturbing as letting a convicted child molester run a daycare center. We can only hope, for the sake of the animals, that he is sentenced to many more years in prison and his business is closed down for good.

Russell Ebersole Guilty on 4 Charges of Animal Cruelty

Russell Ebersole was found guilty on four charges of animal cruelty Friday morning in Frederick County Curcuit Court. Ebersole, who owns Aberdeen Acres Pet Care Center in Stephenson, was indicted on thirteen counts of animal cruelty last November, after former customers and employees said animals received physical and psychological trauma during their stays at the care facility. The two-day bench trial began Thursday morning, with customers and employees testifying against Ebersole. Two of the thirteen charges were dropped, while the remaining seven can be reviewed at a later time. Each count of animal cruelty carries with it a sentence of up to twelve months in jail, with a fine of $2,500 on each. Ebersole's sentencing is scheduled for December 6th.

Animal Cruelty Case Reaches Plea Agreement

FREDERICK COUNTY, Va. - Russell Ebersole was trusted by many to train their dogs at his pet care center in Stephenson, Virginia. But they allege when their family pets were returned they weren't in the same condition. "The allegation was that Mr. Ebersole who ran Aberdeen Acres boarding facility, which was where people took their dogs to be trained in obedience manners, was alleged to have mistreated dogs in his care," said Commonwealth Attorney Ross Spicer. Ebersole was arrested on November 9, 2012 and charged with 13 counts of animal cruelty. A plea agreement was reached abruptly Friday morning, with Ebersole convicted on four counts of animal cruelty. During the plea agreement, the prosecution agreed to drop seven other counts against him at a later date. "The judge ruled two of the cases could not go forward, that we had not presented enough evidence in the judge's eyes," said Spicer. Friday's agreement was one that the owners of the animals involved seemed pleased with. "Mr. Ebersole acknowledged that in the four instances, in which he pleaded guilty, I believe owners were satisfied with that resolution," said Spicer. While the Commonwealth and the Defendant have no agreement as to the sentencing, this case will be continued for a sentence hearing on December 6, 2013.

The "Training" Abuse Videos...

These videos paint a very clear picture of how abusive Russ Ebersole is. If he's doing this ON camera, imagine what he does off camera. It was the submission of these videos in to evidence that reversed the decision of a defamation lawsuit he initially won (see links at bottom of page). This first video is several short clips showing Russell Ebersole "training" four different dogs. Below this video you will find the full version of each of the clips (Golden pup "Gretchen", Doberman, Spaniel, White dog).

** If the videos won't play they can be downloaded in one .zip file here for viewing locally (98 mb)

*NOTE* Ebersole fraudulently claims these videos were stolen from his office (1st complaint), then says they were stolen from his Facebook page (2nd complaint). Lying on a DMCA notice is perjury. The videos were obtained through subpoena of the Frederick County Sheriffs Department and submitted as evidence against the plaintiff (Ebersole) in the defamation lawsuit "Case 1:12-cv-00026-JCC-TRJ 'RUSSELL L. EBERSOLE, d/b/a ABERDEEN ACRES PET CARE CENTER, Plaintiff vs BRIDGET KLINE-PERRY, Defendant'." A copy of the subpoena and the "Reply to Plaintiff's brief in opposition to defendant's Rule 60 motion" addressing the videos can be seen here:

Russell Ebersole hangs Golden puppy "Gretchen"

Gretchen, a four month old Golden Retriever from Winchester, Virginia, is violently swung around by the neck near the end of the video. Ebersole signals the camera operator to stop filming. Gretchen is sitting very calmly when Ebersole violently jerks the puppy off the ground by its neck for no apparent reason. He could have easily broken the pups neck.

Russell Ebersole violently jerks Doberman "Cyrus"

Cyrus, a male Doberman Pinscher from Lynchburg, Virginia is sitting nicely when Ebersole motions the camera operator to stop filming before he violently jerks the leash for no apparent reason. You can hear Cyrus yelp in pain as he is pulled right off his feet.

Russell Ebersole kicks Spaniel "Stryker"

Stryker, an English Field Spaniel, is violently jerked around as Ebersole gets increasingly agitated, perhaps at his poor training methods. Near the end of the video Stryker is laying down very calmly when Ebersole kicks him for no apparent reason.

Russell Ebersole hits Samoyed mix "Zoey" in the face

Zoey, a female Samoyed mix from Charlestown, West Virginia, is hit in the face with a hard plastic ball near the end of the video. Ebersole picks up the ball then instructs Zoey to lay down as he begins walking away. Zoey follows, stops, makes a friendly gesture with its paw, and for no apparent reason Ebersole violently jerks the dogs leash and then smashes Zoey in the face with the ball.

An article dated Nov. 29, 2011 titled "Kennel Owner Denies Animal Abuse Allegations By Former Workers" reads "He (Ebersole) says there was one incident in which he was attacked by a dog named Achilles, while he was training it. He says he had to wrestle with the dog in self defense. He says it was during that incident that the dog got a bloodshot eye, which is mentioned in the affidavit.". An earlier article, dated Nov. 24, 2011 titled "Items, no animals, seized from Stephenson kennel" tells a different story. It reads "Achilles' owner told Moreland that he dropped his dog off from Aug. 12 to 26. When he dropped him off, the dog was "playful, happy and energetic," but when he picked him up, he was "acting lethargic and afraid" and his eyes were extremely bloodshot. Ebersole told him the dog was sensitive to the fans in the kennels, according to the affidavit.".

Ebersole caught lying... again.

Russell Ebersole: Convicted fraudster

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